Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I always being hurt..
Wif all those people out there dat surrounds me...
N it tends to end up i hurt all da people dat i love so much...
Y is dis happening to me...
I was hoping ders always people dat i could turn to..
But all i found is always dead end n evrythng seems hopeless..
I have no one to talk too...
Not even family or my boy dat i can count on..

I love my family..
But im not sure if they really do love me..

My dad, we havent spoken to each others like ages.. He 'abandoned' me, i mean weve been living under da same roof since i got back from my sem break but in circumstances he didnt talk to me not even say hye... but i did.. i did say hye.. but no reply.. Hmm.... Ive cooked 4 da family but no sign dat he would ever touch those dishes.. N, wat am i suppose to say n feel?? ive tried asked him to eat b4, but he say no words. All he did was nooded.

My mom, i love my mom so much.... but i dont know. Ders lots of things dat i did behind her back.. I dont know how am i suppose to say dis, the thing is.. she put so much trust on me.. n i feel like i betrayed her.. I did all da bad deeds n bad stuff becoz im lonely.. N turn up filled da loneliness wif some1 else dat i trust. I know im stupid mom.. but.. u wouldnt understand.. I wish i was stillborn so dat i wouldnt hurt u once u find out wat ive done... Im sorry..

My sisters, do dey ever think dat im exist??

My boy, the love of my life (after my famaly).. keep hurting me.. my feelings' sore... Baby.. when ure gonna stop torn my heart apart into pieces n start appreciate me???? I feel so alone... I know ure good person.. But y me....

Im gettin sick evryday...
I dunno how 2 overcome all dis anymore..