Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Air

Im Noor Yasyifa' n Dis is my story...
Beginning of da new chapter of my life...
Closed d old book n just keep dat as something sweet n bad memo~
Ouh, since bein ditched, a new guy walked into my life.
Woot wooooottt~~
Light up my sorrow n gloomy life.
Gives me advices n new hopes.
where all da words came from him.... Ouh... Really touched my sorely heart..
His kisses r like a chocolate dat melts freely in da mouth~
N his hugs r like a comfy satin pillow...
Aww.. too cliche arent dey?? Heee~ (sorry. Do dat on purpose.)
Da way he touched wif his strong arms..
N his dolce n gabbana perfume smells so good until its turns me on... Oppps!!! (ok, dats enough!!)

Welcome Rain to Syifa's Life~~~
Clap, Clap...

Zullrain Bin Zainudin
19 August 1984
177 cm,65 kg
Male, of course (Im positively sure.. Ahahaha~)
D only child from his biological parents
He is major cute!! (evrygurls said dat including me)
Very da manja lah (Tacing kuat ni)
Ouh, i call him dady (so does my frens call him)
Hes my cutie pie, my walking skeleton, my spicy chipster, my double cheese burger, my chocolate souffles, my honey dew, my cuppy cakes, my apple of my eye

Warm sides of him dat meltz my heart like an ice cream :
  1. Hes soft spoken
  2. Caring (sgt lah care u all!!)
  4. Understanding (aku mmg suka bt hal)
  5. Lotsa sense of humors
  6. Nagging alot (advices r good tho)
  7. Smiles r his charity
  8. A good advisor
  9. Generous (hes not penniless, take note~)
  10. Kind-hearted

Evry ciri2 resemble to wat i want 4 a guy n he owns 'em. He knows how to make me happy. He knows wen i cry, sad n lonely (he can feel it, daym.. hehehe..). He understand me when im mad (cuz it makes him more matured eventho hes matured enuf). He knows how to put a smile wen i sulked n i buy every humors dat he made just to see me laugh. He make thngs goes well n smooth. He knows how to pamper me wen i need one. He accept me 4 da whom i am n help me 4get my past. He dont laugh wen i cry, he listen, he cuddle n he comfort me so well. Eventho hes a racer, which made me scared to death in his car, he doesnt need to persuade me to get 'under my pants' ,he doesnt need to walk beside me to balance us, he doesnt need to run to get me, he doesnt need to climb to reach me, but He did races toward my heart to own me, to be wif me n catch up wif me.. Dat is wat we call as a real racer~

He just.... knows everythng..
He is da one.
He is wat we call a MAN.
Hes mine. =)