Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mayonaise Sedap!!

On diet...
Today i only ate coleslaw 4 damn whole day!!
Wif delicious strawberries.. Mmm.. Yummy!
Imma bit choozzy at picking up food.. esp during dieting.
Naaaahh... im yet lo
sing any if u ask.
Ahahahha... *no. im not serious*

Thank you sabiq, 4 da strawberries... Fresh sgt, plus yummy sgt!!

N mr. Rain cant see any changes. (#@$%^*&*&@!%$$!!!)
But hey, he did gained his weight. As far as i remember.. its 1.5kg.
Ahahaha... small num tho he binge a lot esp during midnight.
It takes patience b4 we actually satisfy on doing smthng, kan?


I miss cheese. coz i love em so much.. till i bare to even leave em.
Da smells... always linger at my nose (nak2 pulak time2 mcm ni)
I know all da types, textures, names, wer dey came from, u name it babe, cuz im like da chezzy-wezzy info-site.
Ill tell evrysingle thing bout cheese! *Dont belive dat*
But its true, im chezzy maniac. *ouh my chezzylicious....*
Upon dieting, i switch from taking chesse into consuming on mayo.
Der is wer a 'coleslaw' idea came from.
Yes, exchanging cheese to mayo.. (wats da diffrent anyway..)
so dat maybe i could cut calories.. *Bullshitto*

*Si gemok yg kelaparan*

Neway, i hope to keep on losing weights~
I want to be skinny again.
Besides, t juniors nak masuk.. Senior kena lah nmpk hot kan.
(maklumlah.. market turun skit....)

"Juniors... try to be porpular than ur senior huh? ill kill u wif my hotness n alluring boddey.. Ahahaha..So, dont u dare!! or else, eat my feet~"

I put on target to be 45 again!!
Com'on.. boleh2...
(dream on fat pumpkin!! haish..... T_T)

N im so thankful to a person dat introduce me to a mayo.
"Aisya Kamaruddin, mayo sgt sedap. Ure right"

Me, nibbling on cadburry.. (Yes, i cheat during diet.. but, who doesnt? Lmao..)