Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Venue: Sport Planet, Ampang
Him: Playing futsal
Me: Bein cheerleaders while peeping on hot guys (he didnt notice, i guess)

Rain captioned me in his fb as "Geng2 bas skolah"..
(wth???? $#^%@&&!!!) :)

Puyol, Sis Era's BF~

He's getting ready 4 his game

Yeah baby... Kick some ass!!!

Si Busuk n Si Wangi lg Jelita

I met wif sis Erin again, which i just knew her, recently. N i met up wif Izzati 4 da 1st tyme too. So, me, sis eera (rain's cousin), sis eerin n izzaty went to a stall chit chatting n gossiping like everygurls always do wen dey 're 2gether rite. (Biasalah, org pompuan... Mengumpat je koje..). After having our supper, we get back to da futsal place to pick up our 'munchkins' (ee.. ngader nyer panggil mcm ni..). N euuww.. all sweaty n masyam nak mampus!! *dia boleh nak peluk2 aku lak yer.. Ahahaha~* (he always happy n overjoy wen he sees me..) Opps... Hehehe Kan syg.. i poyo jap jer.. Ahahaha~ :]