Saturday, June 5, 2010

" Just so u know, ur da most disgusting backstabber spoiled brat bitch i ever known. It must be sory dat ur mom own u as a daughter. Poor ur mom.. Wat goes around will comes around. I knew ure such a pretender all dis time n suka amik hak org lain. Trust me, even our frens hate a bitch like u. Every1, our frens esp mine read ur stories in ur blog, n we feel very sorry 4 u! My last words, eat da fuck up. U will always remembered as a spoiled brat 2 ur mom n a bitch 2 our frens. So long.. May both of u rot in hell!! "

I am just SO damn pissed off
I need to express how i feel 2 u.
N i just sent dis message to Zamia Natasha.
5 june 2010, 1.30 a.m,
Its da right thing to do after
holding 'it' 4 so long.
Ure a liar.
Ive shudnt trust u.
But, im over it.
Trust me.
I feel even better now.

P/S: Im not a bitch, but i just show u one!!