Saturday, July 3, 2010

Im happy n grateful! =)

Hye every1..
ahahaha.. its like ages i havent update dis blog kan..
Neway, dulu ive got dis issue of dilemma either i wanna buy bb or iphone kan.
Hehehe, it took me almost 3 month to figure out which one is da best.
Since i dont wanna dissapointed kan ayah becoz of hp dulu dah barai.
So, instead of choosing both, ada lah dis one phone dat i surveyed dat is sony..
Slide one. So classy n elegant too.. BUT, my heart still on da smartphones~ LOL!
So, wat i did was, taking a few more weeks to thnk bout it.. ahaha..
N finally i end up by purchasing bb bold 2 kat celcom centre. Huahuahua..
kat kedai lain ada yg x ori, so careful!!
Its not dat easy ye in order to get dat phone. Ive been trough a treatment silent for months n then, after dah baik back ngan ayah, br lah boleh mintak mcm2 n der u go..
he nagged for 45 minutes. Aha!
Tp x pe lah. At least i dont have to work hard to get my bb! hehehehe...
Lucky me, dis time lah. esok2, x tau nasib kan.
suma d tgn yg esa.. * walaweyh!*
Neway, Thanks to ayah n mumy!!! =)
Thanks 4 everythng...
Ure da most great parents ever.
No one can replace both of u.
Thanks ALLAH.


So, here's da thng yg i nak beli lg.. da bb casing!
I love to put on bb condoms only. So, i akan buy two from my fren Shalma aina.
However, i nak yg bling2 one jugak. So, i pun message a fren of mine. =)
So, ive known sis Elfina Elias 4 almost a year jugak lah.
She've been living in dis luxurious life which i admire so much coz i dont. Well, maybe a bit.
So, id decided to beli from her je lah.. =)

I get cravings 4 dis one!! Cantik sgt kan...

But, unfortunately, dat one sold out.. instead,i amik dis one je.

Anyway, boleh je if i nak order dat fuchsia pink n black swirl. but, tgk lah..
N 4 all of u out there, fyi, these are made from Swarovskis crystals, ok...
Painstakingly applied one by one, by a team of skilled workers. Handmade.
So, bnd ni has premium n 2nd line. For premium line, it's between RM1250-1350 using ss7 crystal size.
As for 2nd line, it's RM950 using ss12 size.
These also can be made 4 iphone, bb n nokia e71 as well.
so, lau nak order, i boleh kenal kan wif dat sis oke! Plus, u can even get a discount.
As 4 me, i amik premium coz crystals r more smaller n cuter~

FIN =)