Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Diyana

Tekan play dulu.. Ngeee~

Dear yana...
Happy burfday n bornday babe...
Saja nak buat post khas 4 u..
N sorry post it late, cuz i simpan dalam draft.
N well people.. dis is one of my boobies.
Without her, its like an incomplete figure of my body parts.
Shes hot, cool, kind, always make me smile by her actions.
Si tua ni becoming 20 on 13 june, so dis post is like due 4 2 days.. *so sorry hunn*
Her name is Nur Diyana bt Mukhtar, from manjung perak..
We met at UKM during mmp.. (orientation week)
We get closer n lots of common we have which make us a good companion tho..
As a freshies, we been goin trhu a lotsa things in da campus life..
We have our own history of arguing which make us even closer nowadays.
Im afraid losing her as a fren, so does her indeed..
I Love U Sayang.
Cant give u any yet but soon ill figure out apa nak beli 4 u, okies???

P/S : U mess up wif me, means u mess up wif her too!

Here r some of her pics dat i stole from her facebook.
So, since we r bestfren, i know dat she dont mind n she'll 4give me, kan,kan??


She is so damn cute. If i were a guy, i must be hook up wif her.. ahahaha.. *joke*

Amboi.. dah pandai pakai liptik,liptik.... U inherit both natural n make over beauty hunn.. Me like it.. =)

Our 1st time going out together where in here, she companied me patiently at jantzen while im busy wif my hairstylist,esther~