Friday, May 14, 2010


After almost 2 years being so in love....
Finally.. broke up word intrude my path wer its slowly ends da journey of my love life~
Tragic isnt it.
Only god knows how i feel...
As i know u guys tgh hangat bercinta (biasalah, awal2), i thnik its 4 da best dat i let him go coz,
Its my sacrifice, dis is wat we call love...
Even its so hard...
N thanks 4 those who took him from me, as people said "kalau dah tau org punya, patut reti2 lah undur diri" n "Kalau x melayan, x da jd mcm ni"
Arrhh... Malas nak ckp lg.. (biasalah syifa, budak2 lg. X tau bout life)
N diyana did said " lau takat 50 sen.. rasa apa je. kt seringgit babe."
Yana " ala budak2 lg tu, tu yg x phm2 bahasa n x tau apa"
Chaza " once dah kena tu hbs r t, kt tggu je sampai bila"
Sent " kesian gila, lau aku, dah tau2 ex gf kena mcm ni, siap call suma, x da aku nak amik hak org"
Me " kata dulu nak buktikan kat suma org.. tp.. suma janji2 manis.."
Clueless, speechless, loneliness, unwanted, unimportant, empty, imbalance, dejected, discourage, disconsolate, unhappy, despondent, downcast........
Ders so many im-, un-, dis- to describe how downhearted i am tru dis situation.
Ouh my... I might get seasonal affective disorder soon~

To Mohammad Fikri Bin Abu Samah, (spell it rite ok babe, n his 20 ' u shud knew dis as his gf ')
No words can describe how much i love u...
N i miss u so much..
i know... u r in love wif someone else.
N dats hurt me a lot tho im no perfect 4 u anymore.Wat we'd gone tru will be in my memories.
Ill let my kids read all dis, so dat dey know a person dat used to love n hurt deir mom.
N i know ull b fine without me,as im gonna be too.
And da past will remain as our stories... N we gonna move on like u want it to be.
Ill remember u fyk... Till my last breath were i always wanted u 2 b dat is beside me....
N i know now dat everything r just 'hopes' dat will remain as unfulfilled dreams~


N some pics for me to remember... as i know ull delete all dis.. N maybe u did~

Our 1st tyme to ulu bendul wer u came from KL to meet me n we take MUET test 2gether

Our 1st aniversary at secret recipe..i bought da cake "secret indulgence 4 u.. (ouh, while u bought me nothing)

Ur 1st time eating steak at Tony Romas n its my 259.. times (ouh, i paid 4 it)

We 1st time settle evrythng after u 1st time cheat on me

My 1st time to tanjung malim, by train, just to meet u

Ur last hug after u find another hot chick

Our 1st KL Hoop on-Hoop off which i paid oso

U send me back to ukm n we both were so sad

Last precious 'mc d' moment we had together

My 1st time wearing dat blouse dat u choose 4 me

P/S: I wrote n put all dis pics with tears rolling like a river.

N to : Zamia Natasha, u have no idea how much it hurts. Hope u guys happy taking my 'happiness'.