Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kilos.. Pounds..

I really need to loose some weight!!!!!!!!
Im starving myself.....
All i ate dis morning is just a slice of papaya....
I really need dis.. to be thin again..
For dis past 4 years i keep gaining weight until 15 kg... (Im fat.. ) :'{

But now,
I think i just begin to turn into d old me.. an aneroxic person...
I begin to pick food.. wat i ate... n consume less input rather than output of exercises...
I have dis kind of phobic when i ate small cuts of food nowadays.
I mean, i know im starting to involve in dis aneroxic life again. I'm still sensible u see..
N da great thing is, i lost 3 kgs in just three days!!!! N im thrill + excited ~~~
Huhu... Cant wait to lost more... weee.. =D
Cant wait to be size 0 again since now im in size 2!!! i guess....

*Pray Hard!


These r some of my thinspiration tho~
Cant wait 2 be like em.