Saturday, May 15, 2010


Memories will stick as memories...
(just wanna highlight dat.. Ahaks~)

Never mention dat it will fade away nor gone,
like a 'person' used to tell me...

Hmmm..... yeah... im still thnking of u..
dont worry as im no pathetic like u to just blown people away by taking all their blissful moment just like dat...

May u rot in hell
4 making people miserable...

Talking bout love n leave. 2 combination words dat symbolize a person dat having a rough moment.

N owh.. Dats me.
Ofcourse. A guy. Its all about a guy. Immatured~
Ahaa... im happy n in da same time unlucky to even meet u in my life....
Yada, yada, yada....
"Hes totally ungrateful syifa... 4get him n start a new life.
Hes not even worth it.."

Owh, owh... i feel sorry 4 those who still 'want' him after me. (Ko dapat bekas aku. Kesian~)
N im sure, totally sure dat sooner, u just.. gonna be like me, i mean d old me.

Awww... Poor u baby... ure still young.. u know nothng bout life...

As im still lernin bout mine too honey.
N remember, we're arent always lucky. N life isnt fair tho, smtimes~
Babe, ure hot. Pls dont waste ur time 4 a BOY like dat.. (yeah.. hes still a boy)
If hes matured enuf to take care of u, he would take care of me 1st after wat he'd done.
Think,think... N careful, maybe he just want ur 'young' meat~ Ahaahahaha...
Im not trying to bitching here n dere x tentu pasal, cuz i am a bitch gurl~
I am..
From wat i c...
ure not like wat u 'r' wen we had da conversation dat nite.. (u know wat im sayin aite)
N im just say dis after i read ur blog. Pls, im not plastic. Im not sure if u r~
I miss u fyk.. yeah.. i still miss u...
BUT... Ahaa.. i miss myself b4 i met u. Dont u get it??
How happy i am b4 i met u?
?How rich n pretty i am??
I got everything dat a women want 4 herself.

N yes, u took it away from me.
Love, happiness, money, "x" (cant b mention) , beauty, study n m.m...
Neway, ive moved on..
Ill treat u like u never ever born i my life. Shuuu... shuuu~~
I hope ull regret coz u ditched me.
N just lost a beautiful angel~
All i wanna say 4 da last is "im gonna miss u as im gonna missed u"
(means dat= just soon enuf ill 4get bout u.. just soon..)

Like, snap!! snap!!
Ure gone~ Haha!!

Ouh my, im so good in editing.. Big 'clap' 4 me~

P/S: -Ouh,ouh.. eventho u used to call me BABY/BIBY "which is i used to love so much too"
(ahahaha), dont worry kay, i wont tell her~
- Bout da song too..
-N those pics dat taken by me mostly dat make u look good on screen.

*Me, Bitching Here**Evil Laughs*
(revealing evrythng.. Ahahaha~)